High school graduation is a milestone that marks the end of our childhood and the beginning of our journey as a member of society.  It is a time of great pride and great expectation, but the anticipation of what is to come often brings anxiety and stress. To those choosing to continue their education, the possibilities are endless and it is often difficult to know where to begin.  In order to help you navigate the road ahead, GA has provided links to the following useful websites.

Useful Links for Planning Higher Education
College Board for Students
College Board for Parents

American Education Services (AES)
American Education Services
Education Planner
Grants and Scholarships
Compare Loan Programs

Federal Student Aid
Federal Student Aid on the Web
e Guide to Federal Student Aid
Quick Fact Sheet for Federal Student Aid Grant Programs
Quick Fact Sheet for Federal Student Aid Loan Programs
Federal Aid First – Federal Education Loan or Private Education Loan?

Pennsylvania Student Aid
PA Higher Education Assistance Agency
PA’s Guide to Student Aid

Internal Revenue Service
Tax Benefits for Education